Fansadox 136 – Ponygirl horror training

Unspeakable training methods...

Come and visit the stables at the experimental ponygirl training facility in the republic of syldavia insurgents’ daughters are sentenced to hard labor… as ponygirls!

African whore camp

African whore camp comics Roughly shackled & manhandled comic gals Roughly shackled & obscenely manhandled comic gals

Kidnapped at gun point, roughly shackled and obscenely manhandled they are taken into a truck full of brutal, dirty, sweaty insurgents. The contrast between the smelly, dirty, leering soldiers and the sexily dressed panic-stricken beauties is striking…Soon our heroines discover their fate. They’re bound for Whore Camp One where they’ll serve the lust of the insurgency officers…And soon they discover that life in Whore Camp One is not going to be easy…Chained naked to a filthy bed, they are at the disposal of their visitors day and night …They are forced to exhibit themselves every time a leering lecherous soldier enters the barracks… Their life has certainly changed. They still show their beauty to the audiences but in a very different way and for a very different purpose…The sadistic visitors take their time selecting their lay… Choosing a naked, chained young woman to use, abuse and humiliate is already part of the pleasure…Most of the brutal lechers want more than ordinary sex…Revenge and sexual humiliation are the name of the game…And if any of the women fails to please or is wrongly accused of lack of zeal…she’ll be brutally punished in front her mates. This is the case of Miss America who’s accused of mouthing at evil Sergeant Mikele, the brutal warden in charge of the sex-captives…

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