Fansadox 251 – Dead Shark Island 2

The three young women trapped on the cursed rock!

Whoever said “no man is an island” has never met Mr. Rockwell. The hard bitten man has done everything in his power to shun company, going so far as to homestead the uninhabited pile of rocks in the Pacific Northwest known as Dead Shark Island . From his cabin, he is as isolated as any man can be. A few times a year he has provisions sent out from the mainland, but aside from those brief visits his life is spent in solitude. God help the unfortunate soul of anyone foolish enough to step foot on his private property.

Faith and Megan aren’t foolish, but they are curious young women. When the fearless girls find themselves stranded on the windswept island, they knock on the door of Mr. Rockwell’s cabin trusting the old man to find a way to get them off the island and back to town. They quickly learn that the angry old man has other plans, and just because he lives in isolation doesn’t mean that he’s alone!

With no hope of help from the ferocious old man, and hungry sharks circling the icy waters surrounding them, the girls have to fight for their freedom, and their very lives! Rockwell has a paranoid streak a mile long, and has laid cunning traps throughout the tiny island.