Fansadox 260 – The Clinic

Medical misfits use their surgical skills to create the perfect female slave!  for these doctors, no procedure is too risky, or any request too taboo!

The year 2022…

Many countries have passed the ‘Compulsory Female Slavery Law’ that legalizes the sexual-use and trade in nubile women over 18 years of age.

When a girl reaches slavery age, she can be bought and sold, hired and whored, and be used in every imaginable way…

She becomes her owner’s personal property.

Female-utilization technologies get most of the available funding, while the rest continues to decline.

The economic system is restructured to reinforce and sustain the female slave trade at a rapid pace, creating side industries and support systems.

Medical systems are also reshaped…

The so-called female veterinarians, or Fem-Vets for short, specialize in enhancing the quality of sex-slaves, modifying their physical abilities and mental capacities, and increasing their durability under harsh service conditions.

Victoria, a young girl with a free spirit, is about to begin a dangerous adventure which will make her face the harsh realities of the new social order…

Victoria shares this genetic flaw with her busty sister Nikki, and works night and day to make enough money to buy extensions on their freedom. But when Nikki is registered as a slave on the open market, the determined young woman will do whatever it takes to rescue her sister from a life of degradation and brutality.

Fansadox 258 – The Hostage 6 – The Break In

Snatched from her cozy life and held for ransom, belen is forced to endure unimaginable torments at the hands of her sadistic captors!

Governor Dalton rules the country of Conchacabana with a mixture of double-dealing and political assassinations. His ruthless nature has allowed him to carve a place for himself among the long list of dictators and despots which have infested the small country all through its bloody history.

Dalton’s crimes extend beyond his thirst for raw power. He’s also appointed himself Warden of the Mosquito Swamp Penitentiary, a women’s prison that he uses as his own private brothel. Beautiful inmates quickly discover that they’re expected to perform the most humiliating acts, or suffer consequences too terrible to mention.

One young prisoner, a prostitute from the city, catches his eye. Lidia is a beautiful woman who turned to a life on the streets just to make enough money to buy food. She’s ashamed to turn tricks for money, but is desperate to escape the cycle of poverty which engulfs her. Arrested and thrown into the forbidding prison, she finds herself the object of the Warden’s sick attention.

After years of satisfying his lusts with her body, Lidia manages to escape the dreadful hole she’d been thrown in. Burning with an unquenchable fire for revenge on the sadistic Warden, she dreams of finding a way to make the Governor disappear forever. But when she learns that her own sister has been arrested and sent to the awful jail, she knows that time is running out. She quickly plans a blackmail scheme which will free her sister and overthrow the corrupt dictator.

Lilith returns to dofantasy with her hottest story yet! the master illustrator is unafraid to show in graphic detail the depths people will sink to when unbridled power meets insatiable greed!

Fansadox 261 – Chinese Warlords Public Punishment

Chained in the dungeon of a brutal chinese warlord, two beautiful women know that every moment may be their last!

Brutal warlords tear vast chunks of the country apart, carving out kingdoms for themselves and extracting heavy tolls from the peasants who fall within their territories.

Princess Xiao Meiyun, seeing the plight of her people, has raised a vast army and is determined to cleanse the land of the despots and thugs which infest the country.

Aided by her trusted bodyguards Li HongJiao and Zhou RuoYi, she has proven herself a great general in battle and a force to be feared by those who would oppress the poor and hopeless.

Realizing that he cannot possibly win against the beautiful warrior princess, General WangLun instead turns to cunning. After laying a trap for the princess, he manages to capture Xiao Meiyun and her two virgin bodyguards.

Once in his power, he uses every cruel device at his disposal to break the strong-willed woman’s spirit. After a particularly ruthless session in his stronghold, Xiao Meiyun is killed by his hand.

His attention then turns to the beautiful bodyguards who are devastated by the loss of their great leader and friend.

General WangLun and his superior General ChenZhang both proceed to corrupt Li HongJiao’s body and mind.

General ChenZhang then reveals his mastery of sorcery by injecting Li HongJiao with “The Pestle of Desire”, a magical reagent which turns the virgin warrior into an insatiable sex-toy for their amusement.

With Li HongJiao under the spell of the powerful aphrodisiac, General ChenZhang moves quickly to crush the last remaining threat to his power: Zhou RuoYi!

Fansadox 259 – Operation Silent Scream

A secret game of cloak and dagger is about to claim two more victims!

The rugged mountains in the Middle East have been hiding criminals and rebels gangs for countless generations. Within the twisting border lie hidden sanctuaries and ancient fortresses where the most extreme elements of society can hide and plot from the shadows.
Centuries have changed the world, but the barren clefts of the Middle East house villains who nurse a timeless hate. A hate for all things civilized… especially women!

When the “War on Terror” proves no match for the porous border regions, America turns to the shadowy offices of the C.I.A. to get results. Operating undercover and with Top Secret clearance, two sexy agents are smuggled into the country under the cover of the benevolent international aid agency: The Red Cross.

The Assignment: Operation Silent Scream!

Officially denied by the United States and United Nations, this operation has been created to locate and eliminate the top terrorists in the region by any means necessary.

The Target: Jamal Rashak, the self-styled leader of a gang of terrorists and thugs operating in the mountain regions.

Believed to be holed up in a training camp high in the mountains, he’s managed to escape every attempt to dig him out of the contested border regions. To catch a rat this sly will require the most cunning of traps…

Agent Pam is a medical doctor and holds a special PhD: Pretty Hot and Dangerous!

Trained to use lethal force to counter any threat, the busty healer slips easily into the roll as a Red Cross doctor. Her flashing green eyes are always alert for signs of trouble!

Fansadox 242 – Hostage 5 Basement Horror

A hot story of sick revenge and untamed lust

Taken from safety and driven into a desert hell. A young woman loses everything. Her family, friends and now her freedom! Can Belen escape before she becomes another sad statistic? Just another woman lost in the deserts of Conchacabana?

Belen has a powerful family, but it’s not by her choosing. Her father is the local strong man, and people who cross him have a nasty tendency to disappear. His lust for power runs almost as deep as his desire to conquer women. Wives, tourists visiting the country, women imprisoned under suspicious circumstances… all are fair game for his entertainment.

For Belen, she has had enough of her father to last a lifetime. Strong willed from birth, Belen is determined to make her future without interference from her powerful family. But she soon learns that when her father makes enemies, she can easily become a pawn in their violent games.

A routine job to show some locals around town turns into a nightmare ride for the young woman. The woman she was expecting to drive was one of her father’s many victims, and has become twisted into a woman driven for revenge.

Fansadox 251 – Dead Shark Island 2

The three young women trapped on the cursed rock!

Whoever said “no man is an island” has never met Mr. Rockwell. The hard bitten man has done everything in his power to shun company, going so far as to homestead the uninhabited pile of rocks in the Pacific Northwest known as Dead Shark Island . From his cabin, he is as isolated as any man can be. A few times a year he has provisions sent out from the mainland, but aside from those brief visits his life is spent in solitude. God help the unfortunate soul of anyone foolish enough to step foot on his private property.

Faith and Megan aren’t foolish, but they are curious young women. When the fearless girls find themselves stranded on the windswept island, they knock on the door of Mr. Rockwell’s cabin trusting the old man to find a way to get them off the island and back to town. They quickly learn that the angry old man has other plans, and just because he lives in isolation doesn’t mean that he’s alone!

With no hope of help from the ferocious old man, and hungry sharks circling the icy waters surrounding them, the girls have to fight for their freedom, and their very lives! Rockwell has a paranoid streak a mile long, and has laid cunning traps throughout the tiny island.