Fansadox 259 – Operation Silent Scream

A secret game of cloak and dagger is about to claim two more victims!

The rugged mountains in the Middle East have been hiding criminals and rebels gangs for countless generations. Within the twisting border lie hidden sanctuaries and ancient fortresses where the most extreme elements of society can hide and plot from the shadows.
Centuries have changed the world, but the barren clefts of the Middle East house villains who nurse a timeless hate. A hate for all things civilized… especially women!

When the “War on Terror” proves no match for the porous border regions, America turns to the shadowy offices of the C.I.A. to get results. Operating undercover and with Top Secret clearance, two sexy agents are smuggled into the country under the cover of the benevolent international aid agency: The Red Cross.

The Assignment: Operation Silent Scream!

Officially denied by the United States and United Nations, this operation has been created to locate and eliminate the top terrorists in the region by any means necessary.

The Target: Jamal Rashak, the self-styled leader of a gang of terrorists and thugs operating in the mountain regions.

Believed to be holed up in a training camp high in the mountains, he’s managed to escape every attempt to dig him out of the contested border regions. To catch a rat this sly will require the most cunning of traps…

Agent Pam is a medical doctor and holds a special PhD: Pretty Hot and Dangerous!

Trained to use lethal force to counter any threat, the busty healer slips easily into the roll as a Red Cross doctor. Her flashing green eyes are always alert for signs of trouble!