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Fansadox 200 – The Lighthouse

Two young hitchhikers are captured by a ruthless white slavery net after a night party on the coast...

The guy on the Cadillac is a ruthless Mexican white slaver. His job consists on capturing young sexy girls north of the border and smuggling them to the south where hot chicks like Lea and Sue are much in demand…

The man drugs the over confident girls and takes them to his hideaway, an isolated lighthouse far away of any paved road.

Delivery day is on Fridays and it’s just Sunday morning…

There’s plenty of time to check the goods… and to break them!

The girls wake up completely dizzy. They can’t figure out where they are and what has happened to them. Soon they realize that they can’t move and that their bodies are in pain. They are naked and shamefully tied to training frames!

Fansadox 230 – Mad Truck by Cagri

One beautiful woman against scores of evil men intent on breaking her will

A group of professional filmmakers have put an entirely new twist on making porn films.

Beautiful, young women are enticed to dating sites, then wined and dined until they are alone with their new “boyfriend.”

Drugged to keep them compliant, they are transported to the truck where they are forced to participate in making sex films. Exploitation and humiliation are key to the plots of these movies…

The director uses the same sadistic crew for each show…

…but new victims…

…and men eager to dominate them are added for each increasingly-depraved episode…

The women are used, over and over, in ever-more creative scenarios…

3D woman training art

Busty gals get trained Busty drawn female slavedolls roughly trained The best ponygirl comic so far

Busty captive drawn slaves ball gagged trained and roughly punished

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Fucked and tied up

Slaves fucked and tied up Busty women tied up in humiliating poses Busty women fucked and tied up

Submissive big titted slaves fucked and tied up in humiliating poses

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