FANSADOX COLLECTION 297 Chinese secret agent – rescued by FEATHER

A stunning continuation of feather's raw and graphic story, this dofantasy artist reaches new vicious and sadistic heights in his latest chapter!

Dr. Horace bone has conquered S.L.U.T.’s top agent, and he soon learns of two more on the way to rescue her. If agents Amber and Blondie knew what was in store for them, they’d have run away screaming! Dr. Horace Bone received funding from Beijing to conduct experiments. If his research bore fruit, the government would be able to control its citizens with absolute certainty.

S.L.U.T. had their best, Agent Kitty, to stop Dr. Horace Bone and make sure his research never came to fruition. She failed in her task, and now she’s caught in his evil clutches. She was stronger than his other test subjects, but she too would soon succumb to his devious expertise.

He enjoyed toying with his test subjects. The best part of the game was watching them squirm, thrash, and fight. He enjoyed listening to them scream and curse his name and swear all kinds of violence and brutality against him.

He enjoyed it because he knew they would shout empty words. It was just like when he was a little kid, and he’d rip off all the legs of an ant and watch it wriggle in the dirt before him. This time, though, it wasn’t some useless insect, but a proud, arrogant, and stubborn woman who thought she knew better. That made it much more delicious. That made it much more amazing!

Agent Amber and Agent Blondie were sent here to rescue Agent Kitty and stop Dr. Horace Bone. But they didn’t know what a dangerous foe he was. Soon, Agent Amber and Agent Blondie will need rescuing themselves, but there will be no one to save them as Dr. Horace Bone breaks out his tools and his most devious device to date!