Fansadox 244 – The Collection by Roberts

A place where pretty girls are the prized possessions, where nothing can be refused.

Come with us now to a world that only lives in most men’s dreams.

A world of the ultra-rich and powerful, where anything can be bought if your money is unlimited.

Including the most beautiful young women on earth, to do with whatever your most perverse dreams require to fulfill..

In a secret location on an island resort for the rich, no girl is safe, no price too high, no sex act forbidden.

The most wanted and desirable are brought to the compound, bought and sold, coerced and enslaved, to be used and abused at the whim of the super rich.

Fansadox 234 – Private Property

A stunningly beautiful and rich brunette is the victim of a twisted dwarf!

What should have been a routine physical exam becomes a nightmare for a beautiful, successful young woman. When she trusts the wrong doctor with her care, the mistake costs her more than she could possibly imagine!

Cursed with a twisted body, Dr. Ned wants nothing more than to be envied by “normal” people. Becoming a respected doctor has brought financial success, but his drive to possess the perfect trophy girlfriend pushes him even further. Although his body is stunted and deformed, his mind is as sharp as a razor. Turning his intellect to his dark desires, he’s determined to have the sexy brunette act out his carnal fantasies… even if he has to break her mind and body to do it!

3D slaves with huge boobs

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Dirty Boundaries – another way to BOUND and GAGGED women

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