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She would leave the dungeon if she could but he keeps her bound in one way or another 24/7. There is no escape. Instead she merely waits for him to use her over and over again. His favorite thing is a rope suspension so she is completely at his mercy. The rush of power he feels is unlike anything and it turns him on to the point that he must fuck his little bondage slave. The drawn art reflects his passions.
The BDSM art begins with a man leering at a girl from the side of her bed. She only wakes up as he’s pulling off her panties and by then he’s in a frenzy. He puts his cock down her throat and when he wants more he puts her in rope bondage so this perverted slut gets exactly what she dreaming about. That’s when he fucks her pussy in the sizzling pics

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Maledom BDSM comix

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His fingers worked the juice to my ass, and he toyed with the rosette opening. The edge slipped away as I felt the intrusion. A small vibrator, and inserted extremely slow, so as not to let me cum, but ohhhh how it made me ache.
My back bowed as much as the restraints allowed and he saw the flow of cum running down my legs. He continued to fuck me…

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Maledom comix

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What turns on the hand drawn babe is being used. She loves the sensation of being a piece of meat to him, which is why she urges him to tie her up and use her mouth and pussy while he goes about his daily activities like reading the paper. He takes her up on that offer and their day long play ends with his cum spilling into her mouth. The beautiful BDSM art captures it all in striking images.
The light is out in her apartment so she calls the super and he shows up ready to patch it up. When she lies on the bed he’s transfixed by her ass and his mind drifts from fixing to fucking. He launches on top of her, chokes her, makes his desires known, and threatens injury if she fights him. Later he uses tape to bind her and the sex drawing continues as he uses her shaved pussy for as long as he wants

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