Fansadox 334 – The Sect by Spinner

Illegal casinos, drugs and white slavery in modern china!

Pretty Sasha was orphaned at a young age. Her mother vanished without a trace, and shortly afterwards, her father was killed by a masked man clad in black.

Luckily for Sasha, her father’s friend Leon took her in and raised her as if she was his own daughter. Even more, Leon taught Sasha the art of his secret organization: THE SECT.

Sasha confronts Leon, but she gets more than she bargained for!

Leon does not take kindly to Sasha’s meddling. He raised the girl as his own. He paid for her education. He paid for her training, and he paid for her slutty clothes.

The bitch had the nerve to shove a gun in his face!

Well, he’d teach HER who’s the BOSS.

Leon has accumulated a disgusting, perverted, and painful collection of tools and procedures specifically designed to humiliate a woman and break their bodies into a quivering mass of jelly!

Leon knew every single crevice, every sweaty, stinky fold of flesh, every delicate nerve ending in the most intimate and secret places that a woman has. More importantly, he knew every way to break a woman’s will and turn her into the ultimate, money making slut!

It looks like Sasha and her dear, sweet mother are next on the menu!


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