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Fansadox 315 – Sex Wars 3 by Fernando

In the near future, men outnumber women 1 to 10,000. women are used as cattle and power is defined by the number of owned slavegirls!

The end of the world came in 2012, though not in a way that anyone had predicted. A new and deadly virus erupted from the deepest African jungles and spread like wildfire throughout the globe. Ferried on the backs of the airport networks, it ran through the streets ‘an uncontrollable plague that devastated towns, cities, and nations.

The smallest and most unstable governments quickly collapsed, and even the largest international blocs struggled to contain the surging fear and brutal rioting that erupted like a boil in the wake of the plagues.

In less than a year, nearly half the entire human population had been killed and the entire socio-economic architecture collapsed and chaos followed.

The nation-states that had once stood were replaced by ravenous male-only tribes which littered the countryside, violently struggling for brutal and savage control of the few females that remained.

The year is now 2090. In the midst of this blighted world, a new city arose: New Amazonia, an impenetrable fortress of females-only dedicated to the safety and protection of its female citizens.

Frightened girls by the thousands flocked to New Amazonia, desperate to find refuge and safety.

The first ever Cathedral City Games are held in grand fashion in an attempt to placate the people. Like the Romans of old, this show of bread and circuses will distract the men from their dire situation, for the moment. It is a great spectacle and entertainment for the many men who flood into the stadium. The female prisoners of Cathedral City are the main attraction! This is… unfortunate for the girls involved. The girls will lose no matter what they do. Only the men of Cathedral City are the victors.

At center stage, Colonel Maya West is on display with her two failed rescuers. This will be an extravaganza of pain, humiliation, and shame for the three girls. Scorpion wants to break Maya West’s will, and this will be the perfect way to do it. Show the world that she is nothing more than a slut and a whore and give the people what they want.

In the meantime, in the ruins of Jackson City, Mississippi…

Scorpion has sent an agent to negotiate for the return of Maya West’s sister, Christine. It will be the final nail in the coffin for Maya West’s humiliating submission. If Scorpion has Christine, his dominance over the fiery and feisty Maya West will be assured.


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