Fansadox 313 & 314 – Jack the tormentor & Way back by Cagri

Enjoy these 2 lovely historical comics of the astounding Cagri sepia series!Two hot tales of domination and humiliation by an undisputed master of the craft: Cagri!

In the mid-19th century, England experienced an influx of Irish immigrants, who swelled the populations of England’s major cities, including the East End of London.

From 1882, Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe and Tsarist Russia moved into the same area.

The civil parish of Whitechapel in London’s East End became increasingly overcrowded. Work and housing conditions worsened, and a significant economic underclass developed.
Between 1886 and 1889, frequent demonstrations, such as that of 13 November 1887, led to police intervention and further public unrest.

Racism, crime, social disturbance, and real deprivation fed public perceptions that Whitechapel was a notorious den of immorality. In 1888, such perceptions were strengthened when a series of vicious and grotesque murders attributed to “Jack the Ripper” received unprecedented coverage in the media.

On the Great Plains very few single men attempted to operate a farm or ranch; farmers clearly understood the need for a hard-working wife…to handle the many chores, including feeding and clothing the family, managing the housework, and feeding the hired hands.

During the early years of settlement, farm women played an integral role in assuring family survival by working outdoors…After a generation or so, women increasingly left the fields, thus redefining their roles within the family…


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