Fansadox 258 – The Hostage 6 – The Break In

Snatched from her cozy life and held for ransom, belen is forced to endure unimaginable torments at the hands of her sadistic captors!

Governor Dalton rules the country of Conchacabana with a mixture of double-dealing and political assassinations. His ruthless nature has allowed him to carve a place for himself among the long list of dictators and despots which have infested the small country all through its bloody history.

Dalton’s crimes extend beyond his thirst for raw power. He’s also appointed himself Warden of the Mosquito Swamp Penitentiary, a women’s prison that he uses as his own private brothel. Beautiful inmates quickly discover that they’re expected to perform the most humiliating acts, or suffer consequences too terrible to mention.

One young prisoner, a prostitute from the city, catches his eye. Lidia is a beautiful woman who turned to a life on the streets just to make enough money to buy food. She’s ashamed to turn tricks for money, but is desperate to escape the cycle of poverty which engulfs her. Arrested and thrown into the forbidding prison, she finds herself the object of the Warden’s sick attention.

After years of satisfying his lusts with her body, Lidia manages to escape the dreadful hole she’d been thrown in. Burning with an unquenchable fire for revenge on the sadistic Warden, she dreams of finding a way to make the Governor disappear forever. But when she learns that her own sister has been arrested and sent to the awful jail, she knows that time is running out. She quickly plans a blackmail scheme which will free her sister and overthrow the corrupt dictator.

Lilith returns to dofantasy with her hottest story yet! the master illustrator is unafraid to show in graphic detail the depths people will sink to when unbridled power meets insatiable greed!

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