Fansadox 242 – Hostage 5 Basement Horror

A hot story of sick revenge and untamed lust

Taken from safety and driven into a desert hell. A young woman loses everything. Her family, friends and now her freedom! Can Belen escape before she becomes another sad statistic? Just another woman lost in the deserts of Conchacabana?

Belen has a powerful family, but it’s not by her choosing. Her father is the local strong man, and people who cross him have a nasty tendency to disappear. His lust for power runs almost as deep as his desire to conquer women. Wives, tourists visiting the country, women imprisoned under suspicious circumstances… all are fair game for his entertainment.

For Belen, she has had enough of her father to last a lifetime. Strong willed from birth, Belen is determined to make her future without interference from her powerful family. But she soon learns that when her father makes enemies, she can easily become a pawn in their violent games.

A routine job to show some locals around town turns into a nightmare ride for the young woman. The woman she was expecting to drive was one of her father’s many victims, and has become twisted into a woman driven for revenge.


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