Fansadox 252 – Gentlemen’s club – the auction

Girls who could be on the covers of every model magazine enslaved!

There are two worlds which exist side by side. One world filled with normal, everyday people who go about their daily routine, day in and day out, year after year. The second world is only for the rich. In this world, all normal pleasures have long since lost their appeal, and only the most vulgar excesses can stimulate their base appetites.

Some people are born into this world of greed and power. Some unlucky people find themselves thrust into its black heart, and are unable to find their way home again!

Jenny has always thought of herself as lucky, and not just because of her youthful good looks. She’s popular at school and has a warm family who support her as she works towards her college degree. The future looks bright for her, but twists of fate have suddenly placed her at the mercy of perverted powerful men and women. People who see her only as entertainment for their lusts and desires. Jenny is trapped, but she has no idea how deadly the trap can be!


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