Fansadox 194 – Beach Hunter part II

Four beach hotties in the hands of a mad toilet cleaner!

Summer is back and Beach Hunter is on the hunt again. Two lovely young victims to join Nicole and Susan, his catches from the previous year.

The crazy toilet cleaner holds the four girls stark naked and humiliatingly collared in a small barred cage in his isolated warehouse.

To the further shame and despair of the sexy captives, every night a delirious party is held…

The man can’t believe his luck. He may be repulsively ugly and fat, poor and old enough to be the girls’ grandfather, but he has four of this world hottest cuties at his beck and call…


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Beautiful slaves getting molested and rudely fucked in all holes

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Fansadox 176 – Beach Hunter

A spurned toilet cleaner decides to become a beach girl collector

The toilet cleaner enjoyed watching the young chicks tanning on the sand and flirting in the bar until the day he got his wires badly crossed. That day he decided to take part in the fun…
The girls’ reaction left things pretty clear… The spurned guy took this very badly and decided not to take such a ‘gentle’ approach…


3D woman training art

Busty gals get trained Busty drawn female slavedolls roughly trained The best ponygirl comic so far

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Fansadox 220 – Last Mission – Cagri


Meet Agent Linda Crow and her best friend and fellow agent, Kelly Harper … Hot pieces, but not too popular with the NY mafia bosses. These girls are on a mission … to bring down every crime family in town.
The gangsters set up a fake drug delivery at a warehouse on the docks and Linda Crow takes the bait. Her boss assigns her to take photos of the delivery. It’s her big chance to put the bastards in jail.

That is Linda Crow’s LAST MISSION as an FBI agent. The following day the news reports her death in a car accident. A beautiful fbi agent is now the sex-slave of a depraved gangster…


Fucked and tied up

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Fansadox 221 – Birthday Gift 5 – Erenisch


The year is 2022… Many countries have passed the ‘Compulsory Female Slavery Law’ that legalizes the sexual use and trade in of nubile women over 18 years of age.

When a girl reaches slavery age, she can be bought and sold, hired and whored, and be used in every imaginable way. She becomes her owner’s personal property.

A woman can buy her own freedom for a short period of time by paying a huge sum of money to the Bureau of Female Affairs. If a female fails to pay her ‘freedom money’, her body ends up on the market, and she becomes available for enslavement by private persons.

In order to maintain her free status a female must not break any laws during her period of immunity.


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Fansadox 219 – Thugs revenge – Moffett


Samantha Long is the youngest lieutenant in the police force – and certainly the most stunning, desirable officer! Big Joe and his fellow thug threaten the young officers… “Fuck you, bitch! No cunt cop is ever going to take me in!” The two bastards vent all their hatred and sick lust on the now defenseless female officers… Nobody will ever find them where they are being held and nobody seems to care too much either. The two young feminist officers were just a problem for their fellow cops and Big Joe knows it…


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