Fansadox 136 – Ponygirl horror training

Unspeakable training methods...

Come and visit the stables at the experimental ponygirl training facility in the republic of syldavia insurgents’ daughters are sentenced to hard labor… as ponygirls!


Rough slave training

Heavy BDSM art Teens fucked slave trained bdsm art Ladies fucked and slave trained bdsm art

Merciless whipping, rough anal fucking and severe slave training of dirty whores with huge tits

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Fansadox 127 – Sheik’s white slaves

High class european women sold as cattle at the slave market!

Young high class European girls sold like cattle at the slave market. They are the only white women in the Harem. And this is not a privilege they will enjoy…


Slave exploitation art

Woman exploitation Slave training & bdsm art Slave training and woman sex exploitation artworks

A good slave must perfectly sucks her Master’s dick and obeys to his wishes. She was captured with force. Now she must hang!

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Fansadox 214 – Russian girl trapped

A hot, thrilling story of unfulfilled lust and revenge!

A hot blonde russian sold by her stepfather to a dreadful whorehouse in Manila. A hell of humiliation and despair is waiting for the girl…


Heavy 3D BDSM art

Male domination heavy 3d BDSM art Cruel slave training and more heavy BDSM 3D Insane slave training and more heavy BDSM artworks

Nipple torture cruel slave training and more heavy BDSM 3D artworks. Perverted and cruel experimentes with busty slaves. Medieval knight rapes helpless girl in the woods.

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Fansadox 212 – Jinni by Ferres


An inspiring story from a forgotten land and time. Dark magic and carnal lust in the forbidden lands of the Jinni. An exceptional comic by world-class artist Ferres! Beautiful women enslaved by cruel conquerors!


3D slave punishments

3D BDSM inventine and tortures 3D toons of new unexperienced slaves training 3D artworks of very painful and perverted tortures

3D BDSM artworks of slavegirls get some good education and punishments. Artworks of naughty girls getting a good punishment. Chicks screaming in pain & pleasure being dominated

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Fansadox 198 – Harem 2009 by Cagri

Harem 2009

Sexy young pop ikon ends up locked up in prince adnan al-jarrah’s infamous harem!

Never before has a modern Harem story been so accurately portrayed, with such minute attention to intimate detail!

Splendid artwork by comic artist cagri!


Sexy dolls in chains

A few darkest BDSM comics A small collection of darkest BDSM comix Few cruel BDSM comix

A small collection of some darkest wild BDSM cruel comix. BW drawings featuring submissive nude babes tied and humiliated by Master sentenced to a cruel jailtime

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3d and BDSM art

BDSM torture 3d art and slave submission BDSM toons and 3d slave torture art BDSM draw and 3D art

BDSM torture bizzare cartoons and 3d maledom slave submission art

Dirty Boundaries – another way to BOUND and GAGGED women