Witch Bonfire

Witch Bonfire bdsm comics Beautiful blond woman getting tits tormented and rudely mouth fucked by evil inquisitor A woman tortured by inquisitor

The year is 1000AD. All Europe had sunk into a period of brutality. The Middle Ages, the dark ages, were a time when ordinary people lived their daily lives against a background of stark terror.
The Church spread and reinforced old superstitions, among them belief in witchcraft, for its own ends.
The chosen instrument was the Inquisition.
God’s judges struck fear and trembling into the simple, uneducated souls in their charge.
Leading church members, and members of the Inquisition itself, used their power for their own personal benefit and pleasure. They confiscated private estates and murdered their opponents.
These cruel, despotic men also used their power for the gratification of their own sexual needs. In the name of the Lord all pleasures were possible…

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